Thursday, March 23, 2006

TV Commercials Quiz

1. Guinness Beer's commercial 'noitulovE' is the most talked about spot in 2005. It tells the history of life in 50 seconds flat. All you have to do is to tell me what's 'noitulovE'?

2. Which former English cricketer gave the voiceover in the Vodafone 'Mayfly' commercial?

3. "The Way Things Go" a 30-minute film by F. Fischli & D. Weiss in 1987, was the inspiration for which award winning commercial?

4. Who's gonna direct an Amitabh & Tabu flick named 'Cheeni Kum'?

5. Pradeep Sarkar, the director of 'Parineeta' is a renowned ad filmmaker. Can you tell me the name of his ad film outfit?

6. American Express aired a 2-minute commercial for the first time during the recently concluded Oscars show with the theme 'My Life, My card". Who directed the film?

7. Carmichael Lynch, the ad agency behind the legendary Harley Davidson work, commissioned the services of an Indian director to shoot a commercial for Gibson guitars. The commercial was titled 'Empress'. Can you name the director?

8. Who croons the jingle 'Jee Lalchaye Raha Na Jaye' in the Alpenliebe commercials?

9. Who scored the music for the Fevicol Bus commercial that won the Cannes Silver Lion in 2002?

10. What's common to Krish Srikkanth & the Hutch Dog?

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1 comment:

anantha said...

1. Evolution in reverse.
2. Phil Tufnell.
3. Honda 'Cog'
4. Lowe's Balki
5. Apocalypse
6. M. Night Shyamalan
7. Gurinder Chaddha
8. Prasoon Joshi
9. Shankar, Ehsan & Loy
10. Cheeka.