Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Quick Trivia # 1

Tamil Director Bharathiraja's real name is Chinnasami.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

This & That Quiz

1. This band that was named after an adult toy mentioned in the William Burroughs novel "Naked Lunch." Just name the band.
Steely Dan

2. In Hindu Mythology, what is Agna Sandhani?
It’s the book that decides whether you go to hell or heaven. It’s a balance sheet of the sins and good deeds done by any individual. Maintained by Chitra Gupta in Yamalok.

3. Actress Kalpana Iyer’s hands have been immortalised as the logo of which Advertising Agency?

4. She used the pen name Jane Mast for writing plays. Her first play was titled ‘Sex’. Who’s this person?
Mae West

5. In the world of sports what is Charles Bannerman’s claim to fame?
He played the first ball bowled in a test match.

6. What word did Mr. Henry Piddington, President of Marine Courts, Calcutta, coin in 1848 to differentiate between straight and curved types of his subject of study?

7. For the movie Sangam, Raj Kapoor wanted Vyjayanti Mala as heroine. She took her time to decide. So Raj Kapoor sent her a final telegram. After which she said a definite yes. What was his message?
Bol radha bol sangam hoga ki nahin?

8. Born Susan Alexandra. An unusual name in the book The Great Gatsby attracted her attention. She changed her name. Name this celebrity.
Sigourney Weaver.

9. Complete the list Harichandan, Mandar, Surtaru, --------- & -----------? And tell me what’s special about these 5 names.
Parijaata and Kalpaka Vriksha. The only 5 trees in paradise, according to Hindu mythology.

10. Connect the book “Call me lucky” and Holiday Inn, the hotel?
Bing Crosby. His autobiography is “Call me lucky” and the hotel takes its name from a movie of his with the same name.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Daily Trivia # 20

Ashok Babu is better known to us, as Tamil Actor Arjun.