Sunday, June 19, 2005

100 Great Palindromes

1. Zeus sees Suez.
2. Xerxes was stunned! Eden nuts saw sex, rex!
3. Won't lovers revolt now?
4. What! So he is hanged, is he? So what?
5. Was it a cat I saw?
6. Warsaw was raw.
7. Too bad, I hid a boot.
8. Tuna nut.
9. Ten animals I slam in a net.
10. Tarzan raised a Desi Arnaz rat.
11. Swap for a pair of paws?
12. Step on no pets.
13. Stella won no wallets.
14. Star sees rats.
15. Star comedy by Democrats.
16. Solo gigolos.
17. Slap my gym pals.
18. Seen knees.
19. See referees.
20. Sex-aware era waxes.
21. Rot can rob a born actor.
22. Rise to vote, sir.
23. Retard rater.
24. Redraw a warder.
25. Red rum, sir, is murder.
26. Red Nevada vendor.
27. Rats drown in WordStar.
28. Racecar.
29. Pets never even step.
30. Poor Dan is in a droop.
31. Play Latin on Italy Alp.
32. Party-trap.
33. Panic in a Titanic, I nap.
34. Pals slap.
35. Otto made Ned a motto.
36. Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
37. On a clover, if alive, erupts a vast, pure evil; a fire volcano.
38. OJ nabs Bob's banjo.
39. Oh, cameras are macho.
40. Nurses run.
41. Norma, I am Ron.
42. Now I see, referees, I won.
43. No yarn in rayon?
44. No, tie it on.
45. No, slang is a signal, son.
46. No pet so tragic as a cigar to step on.
47. Not a ton.
48. Noon.
49. No, Mel Gibson is a casino's big lemon.
50. Noel, let's egg Estelle on.
51. No Garden, One Dragon
52. No lemons. No Melon.
53. Never odd or even.
54. Nip a pin.
55. Nina Ricci I ran in.
56. Name no one man.
57. Nail Lillian!
58. My gym taxes sex at my gym.
59. Must sell at tallest sum.
60. Mix a maxim.
61. Mirror rim.
62. Madam I'm Adam.
63. Ma is a nun, as I am.
64. Lonely Tylenol.
65. Live not on evil.
66. Lived on Decaf, faced no devil.
67. Laptops spot pal.
68. Late Bill is ill, I bet, Al.
69. Laminate pet animal.
70. "Kodak ad O.K.!"
71. Knits stink!
72. I did, did I?
73. If I had a hi-fi.
74. I prefer pi.
75. Hug a bared nun under a bag, uh?
76. Harass Sarah!
77. God damn! Mad dog.
78. Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.
79. Gigawatt Ottawa gig.
80. Gateman's nametag.
81. Feeble Tom's motel beef.
82. Evil olive.
83. Eve damned Eden.
84. E.T. is opposite.
85. Eros saw I was sore.
86. Erin is in ire.
87. Emil saw a slime.
88. Egad! No bondage!
89. Eh, Canada had an ache?
90. Dumb mobs bomb mud.
91. Dr. Awkward.
92. Draw nine men inward.
93. Don't nod.
94. Dennis sinned.
95. Dammit, I'm mad!
96. DNA-land.
97. Ah, Satan sees Natasha.
98. Aid nine men, India.
99. A Santa at NASA.
100. Able was I ere I saw elba.


Okeefenokee Kennedy said...

#83 ain't a palindrome!

Anonymous said...

nor is #4...not even close

Anonymous said...

No. 83 and No. 4 aren't palindromes. They souldn't be on that list.

Anonymous said...

# 11 isn't one

Anonymous said...

Although for isn't a palindrome in the technical sense (spelled either way) It IS a palindrome in the word sense, it starts with "What" both times, the second and second to last words are So? and so on. See? Although I am confused about 83.

Kyle Padovano said...

It should have 'mad eve' added to the end.